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P Savidge 06/03/2017

Time for a new pistol but not sure what to go for, then read on my fellow softers!!

The range of models out there is never ending with so many choices between gas, CO2 and electric AND with new models coming out all the time.

We at Leicestershire Airsoft  cover a wide range of models but this is defiantly one of our favourites.

Gas models have always been an issue in the colder weather, something we get plenty of here in England but as far as I can tell WE have the answer with there new P99 model.


The newly released GOD OF WAR GBB Pistol from WE is an absolute joy to hold and to shoot and for more than one reason.

The GOD OF WAR which I will from now on call it what it is, and that's a replica of the very popular Walther P99.
A gun used by the actor Pierce Brosnan in his role of James Bond, an agent that has used many pistols, with the P99 being my favourite.

The WE model itself is made to there usual high standard being a great performance to price.

The top of the model is made from metal with a fairly smooth and simple finish on the left hand side, while the right holds a few serial numbers, one on the slide and one on the ejection port itself.

The only other marking would be the grill like finish at the rear.

The Lower of the WE P99 is made from a very strong polymer construction, much like the real version with a few noticeable features.
From the base, The magazine is a full sized, metal double stack mag that holds 23 BB's and offers a very satisfying click when its slapped in to place.
The grip is very comfortable with slightly indented grooves for your fingers to sit in along with a dimple texture to aid in grip.

Also there is a recess for your thumb to sit offering further comfort.

The trigger requires a complete pull but that is very simple to do and offers a very snappy trigger response. Also worth a note is the trigger guard itself being larger meaning that if you are wearing gloves space wont be an issue.

The mag release is easy to use using a push down lever style that sits on both side of the pistol itself.

The WE P99 is also ambidextrous meaning its a great choice for lefties and right handed players.


The most not worthy mention of the WE P99 is that thanks to the new nozzle cool down is almost non existent meaning that you can rapid fire shots with no issues of venting and performance decrease.

We in store shot the P99 with 2 full mags with no issues, We literally could not get it to suffer in performance or vent due to the cold.

The P99 from WE ticks all the boxes....

Its good to look at
Great to use with solid performance
Wont struggle or vent in the colder weather
Has a high mag cap
Has a solid build quality
Plus its used by James Bond himself

All in all its a great model to start with that I would offer without hesitation. 

The P99 gets my stamp of approval

Click HERE to buy your own WE P99

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