Mystery boxes

Mystery boxes are just that, a complete mystery.

Airsoft Mystery boxes are a lot of fun and made for the airsoft player who has everything but wants nothing in particular, when they don't know what gun to get, or what extras to treat themselves to.

Airsoft holds a massive selection of gun products out there and sometimes its fun to let the retailer tailor a fantastic Mystery box for you that could contain a range of airsoft items from RIFs, big or small to plenty of extras such as spare mags, pyro, pouches, ammo, gas and more.

Airsoft mystery boxes hold a great selection of products that are tailor made to work well together and are perfectly capable and skirmish worthy.
All products are brand new and have never been used, no second hand items are included.

One thing to keep in mind with the Airsoft Mystery boxes is that items are non refundable, unless the item's are faulty of course.
What's included in the box is what you get and cant be changed if your simply arn't keen on the product.

All items are complete with there full g-tee so you don't lose out in that respect.

We have spent time looking at other retailers boxes and want our boxes to be something that keeps the customer happy and coming back for more, not just a way to clear empty stock.

Keep in mind you will still need a defence in place to have a RIF in your box, failing that a two tone item will be included.

We currently have 4 boxes available at varying prices.
Small          -  £99.99
Medium       -  £169.99
Large          -  £399.99
Extra large  -  £999.99